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Hey there! I’m Victoria and I’m so glad you are checking my page out! I created this space to share what I’m continuously learning about plant based lifestyle, nutrition and some of my travels.

I always thought of my diet as "healthy" until I learned about plant based lifestyle. It opened doors to so much more variety of foods I never had the chance to enjoy. The countless benefits it provides for us and the environment. It simply is the best diet for our health and the health of our planet!

My goal is to inspire people to eat healthy foods without the feeling of depravation. 

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Why plant based? 

"a good diet is the most powerful weapon we have against disease and sickness" Dr. Colin Campbell, PhD The China Study 

"Powered by Plants."


Whole Food

Plant-Based Diet

What is Whole Food Plant Based Diet? 

Its very simple. Whole, unrefined, unprocessed or minimally processed plant foods.

  • all leafy and starchy vegetables

  • whole fruits

  • whole grains

  • legumes

  • nuts and seeds

 Minimally processed foods like:

  • plant milk

  • soy based products - tofu, tempeh

  • whole grain bread

  • natural sweeteners (sparingly)

To Avoid:

  • all animal products - meat, chicken, seafood, dairy and eggs

  • highly processed foods (this list is long, but I would say anything that is packaged with more than two ingredients on the label)

  • refined flours

  • soft drinks

  • sugar

  • liquid fats

It is easy to adapt to this lifestyle if you know the full potential and many benefits of this diet. So I highly recommend to start by watching some of the great documentaries that are out there. Read some amazing books written by inspiring doctors and scientists. Check out their websites for an abundance of information about health, nutrition and preventable diseases.

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Sincerely V.