A little about myself 


My name is Victoria, though,my friends and my family call me Vika. Im Russian, hence the nickname, but live in Cairo since 2003. Egypt is not an easy place to live, but I got used to it and try to look at a brighter side of things. 

I am a mother to two wonderful boys and a wife. My three boys keep me busy most of the time, but when one of them is at work and two are in school I like to get creative in the kitchen and put my camera to use.

Exercise is part of my daily routine, (btw I'm all about routine now) I love running outdoors when I travel, go hiking when I have the chance or have a bodyweight workout at home! It hasn't always being like this, however. But motivation does wonders!!


Ive always being interested in healthy eating. My perception of “healthy”, however shifted from side to side depending on the newest trend in the world of diets and nutrition in general. I was basically confused , like most of us are, about evil carbs and precious proteins and good fats and bad fats, gluten, sugar, etc, etc.... I was constantly looking for answers and finding even more confusion. I became so frustrated with it and decided to dive deeper into nutritional information. Which is not easy, I must admit. How would you know which are the reliable sources? Whose credentials to trust? Where is the truth? 

After long hours, days, weeks of searching and sifting through tons of information, reading books, watching films and YouTube videos, lectures, seminars and presentations, I was able to find the answer to all of my questions. 

 I choose to eat exclusively plants because I believe it’s the optimal diet for our health. I really enjoyed it, I love the challenge of making vegetables more exciting to eat. Let’s be honest cabbages and carrots do need a little sparkle. I like sharing my creations on social media. I don’t invent those recipes, but simply modify and adjust existing ones to my taste or the content of my fridge and my pantry. 

I graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in November 2018. So I’m a certified Health Coach. I also completed Plant Based Nutrition Certificate from Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies in July 2018. 

My goal is to show how exciting eating vegetables could be. The plant kingdom is so vast!! There is no need for those few animals that we eat every day. The objective is not to turn everyone vegan or plant based, but simply encourage people to eat more plants. And we know that information is nothing without inspiration. So I’m hoping that my recipes, blogs and pictures will inspire people to eat more fruits and vegetables, feel the difference, and  get curious enough to look for more information and education in nutrition.  

You can find all the books, websites, Youtube channels and programs, documentaries and Podcasts I love and recommend in Reference


Sincerely V.