Winters In South Africa

Cape town


 Every winter for the past 4 years we travel to Cape Town, South Africa for  Christmas break. This year it was extra special because we got to stay in our own house. Yes, we love this city so much we ended up buying a place there. It might seem a little crazy, but we've being enjoying our winters there so much, that it made sense.

Amazing weather, beautiful scenery, stunning views, absolutely delicious food and so many things to do to stay active.



I love to hike and run there. My husband puts some serious miles cycling along the coast, kids love to explore beaches. They manage to entertain themselves by discovering little natural pools and mysterious caves among the rocks. 

But there are so many places outside Cape Town that we still haven't seen. So much more exploring to do....



This is our favourite beach in Western Cape. Although I can only manage to wet my feet in the ocean I immediately get a brain freeze... But we absolutely love going there.


We all climb on the top of the rocks and watch surfers from up there. My kids thought those surfers have the coolest look ever in their wetsuits so we ended up buying them wetsuits too. My elder son was a little hesitant to wear it, though, at first. He is into Nat Geo Wild and Sharks Week and that kinda stuff... so he was sure he will look like a seal and all the sharks in the ocean will be after him, lol.