So as I mentioned, I love running and hiking when I have the chance. Cape Town is a perfect place for both. Amazing run along the coastline and pretty challenging hikes. My first one was up to Lions Head Mountain then I decided to conquer Tabletop Mountain. And, boy that was hard, lol. It took me 5 hours, when it’s supposed to take 2 to 3 hours to climb. But I couldn’t help but stop every 10 meters to admire the view and take like a gazillion pictures and videos. I made it just in time for the last cable car to go down at sunset. Can’t even imagine what I would have done if I was 20 minuets late. That was a close one, lol. 


 Then I decided to try skydiving in Cape Town. This was my second time to skydive so I wasn’t nervous (maybe just a little lol) What’s with these airplanes they use for skydiving?! Held together with duc tape, literally. True story!! Anyway I really enjoyed it and definitely doing it again soon

 But then I heard about this crazy worlds highest bridge bungee jump off of Bloukrans Bridge... oh yeah, I thought, let me get that adrenaline pumping!! Well... I still get goosebumps when I watch the video of the jump.


 So at the beginning it was all exiting and fun. Here I'm kind of nervous but still happy and oblivious, lol.

Then when I realized that there is no heavy duty buckles and safety chains attaching you to the rope I freaked out. It was literally just padding around the ankles and that red belt strapped around and connected to the bungee cord. 


It didn’t look secure at all. So I started panicking inside but tried to calm myself with the thought that I saw people jump and lifted up safely.  

Then it was my turn.... It’s really hard to describe the feelings. It’s better you watch the video and judge for yourself. The only thing I can say is that it was probably my only bungee jump. Pretty sure there won’t be a repeat.  


As you can see I was slightly nervous, lol. 

Sincerely V