Calcium On A Plant-Based Diet



So the first few questions you may want to ask is, what about your recommended daily intake of calcium? Don’t you need cows milk for that? Isn’t that the best source of calcium? 

The answer is, no you don’t need milk for that. In fact you don’t need milk at all. We’ve been brainwashed by the industry and don’t ever pause to question it despite the fact that western countries with high consumption of dairy products have the highest rates of hip fracture, cancer and osteoporosis... 

What is recommended daily intake? 1000 mg is recommended for both men and women 19-50. For growing teens and men and women over 50 1300mg.  

Many people avoid milk because it contains saturated fat, cholesterol, allergenic proteins, lactose sugar, and frequent traces of contamination, or simply because they don’t feel well after consuming dairy products. Milk is also linked to type 1 (juvenile-onset) diabetes and other serious conditions. Happily, there are many other good sources of calcium that can be found in a plant-based diet.


Keeping your bones strong depends more on preventing the loss of calcium from your body than on boosting your calcium intake. Diets high in protein, sodium and caffeine affect calcium loss in the body. You can prevent calcium loss by exercising regularly, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and exposure to sunlight to allow the body to make the bone-building hormone vitamin D.



Almost all of the calcium in the body is in the bones. There is a tiny amount in the bloodstream, which is responsible for important functions such as muscle contraction, maintenance of the heartbeat, and transmission of nerve impulses.


Calcium rich foods

  • Tofu or Tempeh
  • Leafy greens
  • Molasses
  • Fortified Plant milk
  • Legumes  
  • Cruciferous vegetables (bok choy, broccoli,cabbage...) 
  • Whole grains (oats, millet, quinoa, buckwheat.....)
  • Tahina 
  • Edamame   
  • Almonds or Almond Butter 

This is just a short brief list of calcium rich foods that we should be consuming on a daily basis to obtain majority of required nutrients for a healthy lifestyle.  


Sincerely V