Frank & Co


On the 21st of January 2019 we launched the first Plant Based Menu in Cairo!! How awesome is that!!

The restaurant that I introduced my first menu to is actually the opposite of Plant Based. It is a Lounge and Tapas Bar in a neighborhood known to host the biggest expat community in Cairo. The restaurants own menu is a number of small plates and nibbles that are mostly meat or cheese based.  However, the founder of the restaurant Frank Heinen was very optimistic about our collaboration and knew the potential benefits of introducing Plant Based menu along side with his own. The vegetarian and vegan community is growing rapidly. More and more people are learning about the benefits of plant based lifestyle and trying to incorporate more vegetarian meals into their diet. So far the menu has a very positive feedback. It’s been equally enjoyed by vegans, vegetarians and omnivores. 

The menu offers breakfast, lunch and dinner options. It’s small, consisting of only 10 items but very diverse. The offerings on the menu are as equally attractive to ladies, providing light breakfast and salads for lunch, as they are to men, extending to more substantial meals of wraps, tofu bowl and a curry.

If you had the chance to try Sincerely V menu at Frank&Co, please give us your feedback, suggestions, recommendations and honest opinion. we are open to constructive criticism and strive to make the plant based food better, more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.