Gingerbread Cake


OMG, this cake is out of this world!! Or it’s just been too long since I baked something naughty, lol.  Well it’s not that naughty, I actually tried to use as little refined sugar and oil as possible. However the original recipe is from ChoosingChia if you would like to try that. I have not tried to make it with whole grain flour, but it’s definitely worth trying. I also added candied ginger, which it totally optional, but I loved biting into it’s zing. Ultimate Christmas experience. 

I uzed very small bundt cake molds, because I made them as Christmas gifts to my friends and family. This recipe makes 12 of those little cakes or one regular bundt cake. Make sure you oil it well and let it stand for 5-8 minutes before you turn it out of the cake tin. You can use chocolate or caramel icing but because I had to wrap them I just powdered it with icing sugar.  Make sure all the ingredients are at room temperature, otherwise the oil will turn into uneven lumps in the batter. It happened to me when I added cold almond milk, lol. 




450gm flour  

3tsp baking powder  

3tsp baking soda

1/2 salt  

2 1/2 ginger  

1tsp cinnamon  

1/4 cloves

150gm coconut oil  

110gm sugar

170gm molasses  

150gm soaked dates (150gm after soaking)

1 1/2cup almond milk

100gm candied ginger  


In a big bowl sift all the dry ingredients except sugar. Place the rest of the ingredients in a blender and blend it until smooth.  Pour that into dry mixture mixing well. Add candied ginger, mix again

Pour the batter into the well oiled bantd cake tin and bake at 160 Celsius  for about 30-40 minutes. Test it with the toothpick before taking it out of the oven. It should come out dry. 

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