Kale Smoothie Parfait


I honestly prefer to chew my food, but.. sometimes when i get busy running about and feel like I've being missing some nutrients I add green smoothies to my morning routine. And I like to add all the super foods to it that I have . Like ground flaxseed, hemp seed, spirulina, chia, just to name a few. And since i like to chew my food I, sometimes, make it a little special and add some texture in form of my homemade Delicious Healthy Granola and fresh fruit. Or if you really want to take your smoothie to the next level, try this Parfait.




Blend first four ingredients until smooth, add more sweetener if you like it sweeter, a teaspoon of agave syrup for example or any other. I prefer fruit, however and add more bananas if i feel like I need something sweeter. Then layer it in a glass or a jar into Parfait and dig in!

Makes two servings

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Sincerely V