Orange Chocolate Date Truffles


This is my favorite Date Truffle recipe. I love pretty much anything with orange zest and these lovely bites are rich in orange flavor which makes them kind of wintery and festive. They were a big hit among my friends who received them as Christmas  gifts over the past holiday season. 


  • 200gm dates

  • 120gm whole almonds or almond mill  

  • zest and juice of one big orange

  • 2tbs raw cacao  

  • 80gm quick cooking oats

  • pinch of salt


If you are using whole almonds grind them in a food processor and set aside. Then process dates into a paste adding a little orange juice if it is too dry. Add the rest of the ingredients and pulse it until the mixture forms into a ball with a dough like consistency. If it’s too dry add some more orange juice. Roll the dough into bite size balls and dust them with some extra almond mill. These truffles will keep for a very long time in an airtight container. You don’t have to refrigerate them. 

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Sincerely V