Sugar-Free Strawberry Jam


Okay I nailed it this time! And I didn’t forget to write the recipe down, lol. I made it so many times but was just eyeballing all the quantities. You can do it too, really. Make it as sweet as you want by adding more dates or little extra coconut sugar if you wish or add less if you want it more of a compote and less of a jam. The downside of this sugarless jam is that it doesn’t keep for long, even refrigerated. The less you cook it the quicker it will go bad, too. The longest we managed to keep a sterilized jar of this jam was 4 weeks. It might have kept longer but, you know, kids, lunch box, that kind of story. So still experimenting with the shelf life. Will update the recipe when I get that finalized. 

I made this recipe with chia seeds and without. My kids are like True Detectives spotted something that “doesn’t belong in strawberry jam” and would not eat the one with chia seeds. (It sticks to our teeth and has slimy texture, they say. I just roll my eyes) But the dates make the jam thick and you don’t really have to add it, so it’s optional. 


  •  1400gm fresh strawberries 

  • 500gm dates  

  • 1/4 cup coconut sugar

  • 2tbs chia seeds (optional) 


Soak the dates in hot water for about an hour or until they are plump. Remove the skin and the pit. Chop the dates roughly, set aside. Depending on the size of the strawberries, slice them in half or quarters. Put the strawberries and the dates into a stainless steel saucepan with a thick bottom  (ideally) or any pan you have. On a very low heat with the lid closed let it steam for five minutes until strawberries start to release the juices. Keep stirring it frequently until more and more juice is released. Cover it with the lid and let it cook on a low heat for about 30 min. Don’t forget to stir, otherwise it will burn on the bottom. You can now add chia seeds if using and coconut sugar. Let it cook uncovered for about 20 min. It should be thick and cooked through by now. 

If you would like to keep this jam for a few weeks then sterilize the jars and lids in the oven for about 10 minutes at 160C. 

Pour the jam in sterilized jars, close the lids tightly and let it cool at room temperature before storing it in the fridge.  

The recipe makes 7 to 8 250ml jars   

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