Instant Tahini Caramel


Okay this is something that, practically, every Egyptian knows and had it as a child. Traditionally eaten with Feteer - flaky flat bread, it’s only two main ingredients. You can flavor it with spices like cinnamon or cardamom, ginger or cloves. I just add a little sea salt so it’s almost like salted caramel. Almost, but this is the closest you would probably get to a caramel and still get a really good amount of nutrients. After all what makes a good caramel is fat and sugar. This mix is a healthy-ish version of that.

As you know Tahini (here in Egypt it’s Tahina) is packed with goodness. Although it is high in fat, Almost all of that fat is mono- and poly-unsaturated known to be beneficial for heart health. May help protect against hormone-related cancer. Being high in calcium and magnesium it is a great mineral density booster for your bones. All the nutrients in tahini is much more absorbable than in whole sesame seeds. 

The second ingredient - Molasses! Molasses is a byproduct of sugar production. While sugar is completely stripped of all the nutrients, molasses still contains a very good amount of them. In fact it’s the most nutritious sweetener compared to all the other syrups, sugars and honey. Rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium, great source of very absorbable iron to treat anemia and high in potassium. 

So if you have a sweet tooth, a couple of tablespoons of this quick caramel-like indulgence should totally satisfy your cravings. Spread it on a cracker, seeded bread or add it to your morning oats. 



  • 100ml tahini

  • 100ml molasses  

  • pinch of sea salt


Measure the ingredients into a bowl, mix it well with a spoon and store it in a jar. You don’t need to refrigerate it. Keep it in the cupboard for several weeks. (If it lasts that long)

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