Grilled Asparagus with Whipped Carrot Hummus


Spring is in full swing and asparagus is in season. This simple but very elegant salad plate is a great option if you’re trying to keep it on the lighter side of things, but so satisfying. Carrot Hummus makes it rich and adds its sweetness to the salad. You can grill asparagus in the oven if it’s easier.  I like to add spring onions with asparagus for extra flavor. You can also try adding leeks too.  


  • small bunch asparagus (enough for two) 

  • couple of spring onions or leeks (optional) 

  • 1tsp olive oil  

  • salt, pepper  

  • mixes baby greens and mustard greens  

  • 1/2 can chickpeas (drained, rinsed) 

  • 2 medium carrots

  • 1tbs tahini

  • 1 small clove garlic  

  • 1tbs herbed dressing

Herbed Dressing  

  • 3 half’s sun dried tomatoes (out of oil) 

  • 1/4tsp dry oregano

  • 1/4tsp dry basil

  • 1/4tsp dry thyme

  • 2tbs molasses  

  • 1tsp Dijon Mustard  

  • 1tbs olive oil  


First make the dressing. Blend all the ingredients in a high speed blender, add a bit of water if needed. You can make it in advance in big batch. It keeps well in the fridge for weeks.

Make hummus. Also can be made in advance. Keeps in the fridge for about 4 days. Boil whole carrots in water, drain. Drain and rinse half a can of chickpeas. Place chickpeas, carrot and tahini in a high speed blender, season with salt and pepper and whip until smooth and fluffy.

Wash and prepare all the greens for the salad. Remove the hard ends of asparagus, cut spring onions lengthways rub both with olive oil and season with sea salt and pepper. Grill it on a griddle or nonstick pan until slightly browned, turning it around once. If you feel that it needs a little more cooking you may add a spoon of water to steam it slightly.  

Add the dressing to the salad, mixing well. Spread generous amount of carrot hummus onto the side of the servings plate. Place grilled asparagus on hummus, add salad on the side. Serve it with a slice of grilled sourdough.

Serves 2 pp. 

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